Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Is Almost Here...

I remember growing up the months of summer were something I LONGED for. I loved summer! Our house faced east, and early in the morning during summer months, the sun would come up and hit our front door. The peep hole made a rainbow on the cabinets across the room. I remember eating cereal and watching the rainbow sink lower on the cabinets as the sun rose higher.

I got so excited for school to be out and for the days and weeks of play to stretch out. It always seemed like forever until September would come and school would start again. There were so many bike rides to take, afternoons to spend at the pool, and chalk rocks to steal from the neighbor's yard. (Didn't occur to me at the time that maybe one of the reasons he didn't like us doing that is we had to test each of the rocks on his sidewalk before we knew if it was a good one or not.) There is a lot of oblivion that goes with being a kid.

There is not nearly as much free time now when summer comes around, but I still look forward to it just as much. I know that it means picnics and bonfires and s'mores. I know that I'm likely to have family come into town and I love that. The entire month of July is fireworks because...well, why not? It's watermelon season and corn season and BBQ season. It's time for potato salad and garden tomatoes and fresh everything. 

What is not to love about summertime?

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